Monday, August 29, 2011

BTS! Back to School!!!

My favorite time of the year has quickly arrived. Fall is just round the corner!!! Which means, back to school!!!!

We didn't have much of a summer here in Oregon. Only a couple of days made it into the 90's (blech! too hot for me) Lil Miss is going into the 2nd grade and turns 8 within a few days of her first day of school!! Poor thing will be riding the bus to school this year, which means, she has to catch the bus by 0700, which is usually her wake up time. She's the first one on the bus, and the last one off. She won't be getting home til 4:00 p.m.

Each year I make Lil Miss a school themed Pillowcase Dress. Probably won't be able to do that for long =( I just started on this years dress =) It's going to be super cute!! Here is the fabric I got. It's called Book Worm School Bus.

Here are a couple of dresses she has worn on the first day of school in the past....
Back to School Time w/ Elmo & Zoe!!

Lil Miss 2009

Lil Miss 2010

of course our socks have to match
We get them

"What a lot of things to see
on the way to school
Chipmunks running up a tree
on the way to school
Sparrows busy building nests
Robins smoothing down their vests

What a lot of things to hear
on the way to school
Someone whistling loud and clear
on the way to school
workmens' hammers go bang bang
fire engine goes clang clang

What a lot of things to do
on the way to school
Act like monkey's at the zoo
on the way to school
Jump in puddles, climb a tree
Cross the street so carefully

What a lot of things to do
on the way to school"

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